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Why Carleton Fridgelec

Sometimes a good deal isn’t as great as it sounds. Purchasing from a non-authorised dealer voids your warranty as well as entitlement to receive service from any authorised dealer.

At CARLETON FRIDGELEC we strive to give you the BEST prices, value for your money and guarantee service all in one package. We guarantee your satisfaction.

We are open Monday to Friday, 07h00 to 17h00. Saturday and Sundays we are closed.

Nothing is impossible! At CARLETON FRIDGELEC we carry a wide range of air conditioning systems, refrigeration, ventilation and heat pumps and HVAC that offer flexible designs that can be installed in some of the most innovative and unusual structures. We are always up to the challenge of making it work and work efficiently! 

So what should you look for when purchasing an air conditioning unit for your home or workplace? 
Here are some of our tips for you:

There are many types of air conditioning to choose for your home or office such as split air conditioning system, ducted air conditioning system, floor standing air conditioning system, cassette air conditioning system, VRF (Variable Refrigeration Flow) air conditioning system, multi air conditioning system, etc. Each of these systems is designed for special purpose suitable for individual need.

Furthermore, the capacity of each system is also an important factor since it can impact your electricity bill (if you choose an over capacity unit for your room) or uncomfortable feeling (if you choose an under capacity unit for your room). It is important to seek advice from an air conditioning specialist to determine your space heating and cooling requirements.

We will devote our time and effort to ensure that you select the right air conditioning unit for your needs. Too small and the unit will not live up to your expectations, too big and it will be expensive to run. We will help you choose the correct unit for your home or business.

We are official agents for all famous brands of air conditioning systems such as Samsung, LG, YORK, CARRIER, DUNHAM BUSH and CIAT Heavy Industries.

Choose Your Brand

We are official agents for all famous brands of air conditioning systems such as Samsung, DUNHAM BUSH, Alliance and TCL.

Energy Efficiency
At CARLETON FRIDGELEC we recognise that the up-front cost of your unit is only part of the cost of your air conditioning needs. The energy consumed by the unit over its life will far outweigh the up-front cost. We care about the environment and your wallet and are proud to carry the leading brands with the most advanced efficient and innovative technology on the market. These units when correctly scaled to meet your needs will provide you with the most energy efficient heating and cooling possible.
CARLETON FRIDGELEC is also an authorised service agent for air conditioning units, refrigeration, ventilation and heat pumps and HVAC that we sell. When you purchase from us there is no need to call the manufacturer and chase someone for a service. CARLETON FRIDGELEC can do it all! We stand behind all of our products we sell and provide full coverage/service for your air conditioning units.
Value for Money
Well known for the most competitive prices, a successful supply chain management set-up and low overheads gives CARLETON FRIDGELEC the competitive advantage over our competitors. We then pass this value on to you, our customers, for lower prices and higher quality installation jobs.

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